How To Improve GoPro Video Quality/make it "Pop"?

Discussion in 'Software & Memory Card info' started by Uday, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. Uday

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    Type of GoPro(s) owned:
    Hero3 Black
    The videos we see on GoPro's website and in-store displays is gorgeous - bright, crisp, and super vibrant.
    The video I actually been getting with GoPro Hero 3+? Less exciting. It's definitely is sharp and nice HD quality, but it has almost a desaturated look, with the colors muted and a little washed out. I typically tend to record in 1080p with 48/60fps super view mode.

    Given these differences, I am assuming their website and in-store display video has had some liberal video editing applied, which is fine, except... I can't figure out how to get the same results!

    If it was a photo and I was using Photoshop to get it pretty close, but I can't seem to get anywhere close on videos. The controls seem kind of limited in what they do.

    Brightness seems to wash everything out instead of just increasing the highlights. Contrast, I am not sure what's going on - moving it definitely has an effect but I have to find an effect that actually improves anything.

    So, am I pretty much stuck with those three options, or is there a video effect in the library that gives better results? Is there a 3rd party tool? I tried using Protune preset as well. It improves the video quality a little bit but not by much.

    Here's some details, if it matters
    Using Hero 3+ Black
    I know the GoPro's don't do that well in dim light, but footage is shot in broad daylight
    Using 1080p superview mode
    Using GoPro recommended (from their website) Class 10 Lexar micro-SD card.
  2. Poltergeist

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    Type of GoPro(s) owned:
    GoPro HD, Hero3 Black
    I remember reading somewhere the software they use but I can't remember right now. I know it is not the free stuff from their site. For some reason I want to say its an Apple program and definitely 3rd party. I think if you want to really get your videos to pop you have to look at some really good software. I use Adobe's Premiere but I'm far from an expert with it and mostly just use it for editing stop/start etc. Still learning what it can do with colors if any.
  3. BrayMeist

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    Type of GoPro(s) owned:
    Hero3 White
    What are you using to edit?

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